How It All Fits Together

The beauty of our vision is that engagement connects to all areas of campus. It is who we are at JMU. Of course that adds to the complexity of the idea since it has so many various expressions across all of our departments. We create definitions and descriptions to help people understand our vision to be the national model for the engaged university, yet the idea goes beyond strict definition. Not all engagement-related work fits neatly into a particular category. We focus our understanding of the concept by emphasizing community and individual relationships as the center of our uniqueness as an engaged university. Faculty-student relationships, relationships with the local and global community and partnerships that foster deep and purposeful learning are the focus of our vision.

To help support broad understanding, we’ve also created a concept map to show the interrelationships between the various engagement-related initiatives and programs. You’ll find the map below. Click on the map for the pdf.

Engagement Concept Map

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