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Civic Engagement at JMU

A few examples...

  • Trained student facilitators, working with Institute of Constructive Advocacy and Dialogue (ICAD) directors, designed and served as facilitators of dialogue and deliberation to increase capacity of productive dialogue about challenging community issues (campus and the broader community) for 4 community and 3 campus events.
  • JMU is a participating member of the American Democracy Project, a multi-campus initiative focused on public higher education’s role in preparing the next generation of informed, engaged citizens for our democracy. 
  • JMU is the current president the International Network of Universities (INU), and JMU students participate in this unique immersion program to gain a working knowledge of global citizenship and peace with a focus on cross-disciplinary problem solving of real-world political, economic, social and cultural problems. 
  • Student-led Dukes Vote initiative helped to create an on-campus voting precinct and registered more than 2,000 student voters.
  • Through the Health Policy Collaborative, Nursing students analyze complex health care issues and propose innovative solutions to community leaders and policymakers.
  • Teams from seven majors across the arts, humanities and sciences worked with professors and outside mentors on the JMU Drones Challenge on real-life, global issues related from air pollution to landmine detection and disarmament.
  • CIS 484 students worked with the Chief Magistrate of the Virginia Court System of the 25th District to develop a system to provide a mechanized way for the court to determine the next available hearing date for multiple jurisdictions,replacing a manual system.

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