James Madison University and the Madison Center for Civic Engagement are proud to become members of the Next Gen Service Corps that started in 2023. As part of our joining this collaboration, JMU is offering students unique opportunities to explore and advance lifelong careers of public service, including scholarships for internships, internship opportunities, public service networking events, student retreats, speaker events, and much more! JMU is the only university in the Commonwealth offering this program to students. 

About NextGen Service Corps

The Next Generation Service Corps (NextGen Service) is a network of programs at universities across the country that inspire and prepare students to serve their communities and nation. This new program partnership with JMU will allow us to offer more career opportunities to those students seeking public service careers.

NextGen was founded by a partnership between the Volcker Alliance and Arizona State University (ASU) and led by schools of public service, NextGen Service introduces undergraduates from all majors to public service values and builds practical, collaborative leadership skills. NextGen Service benefits college students nationwide, particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds, by opening the door to careers in public service.

Students interested in the Madison Center’s spring 2024 semester Civic Leadership class (SCOM 313: Civic Leadership in Contemporary Democracy) will get the first opportunity to join in the Next Gen Service Corps. The Civic Leadership course will introduce students to the field of civic engagement and leadership by exploring the broad sociopolitical history of the field and technological changes and challenges of civically leading in a democracy. Students will also learn real civic leadership skills and competencies. 

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