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Digital Stories created with Atavist

Alexa Senio (WRTC) explores the implication of "public marginalia" through an analysis of her high school's response to student suicides.

A team of business students created a mock sales-analysis with a first-person description of their marketing approach for cold-pressed juice.

Team of freshmen students in an introductory Communications course investigate the ethical role and purpose of Higher Education in Society.

Caroline Marney (SMAD) describes her father's experience with a degenerative ocular disorder and the implications for technology and usability.

Catie Willett (WRTC) analyzes the environmental implications of confined animal feeding and offers action plan against factory farms. 

Team project in ISAT 456 analyzing the ethical implication of Introvenus Fertilization and the possibility of "Designer Babies."

Digital Stories created with Wix

The Second Chance Podcast was a course-wide WRTC project exploring the lives of ex-convicts who learned trade skills in prison and contributed to their community.

This team project from HTH 456 investigates the ethical considerations for healthy body image for students at college.

Becky Chen (SMAD) analyzes food waste at college campuses, national food waste data, and avenues for individuals to make a change.

Digital Stories created with Adobe Spark

Marissa Scholler (SMAD) recreates a student's experience in Charlottesville, Virginia during the white supremacist rally on August 12, 2018.

Caroline Marney (SMAD) created a resources on how the best practices for creating an effective digital story (how meta!) 

Adobe Spark has a collection of examples of Spark pages, videos, and graphics. Check them out for more examples.

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