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DigiComm's Portfolio Award Winners

Antonio Wyatt Robinson: Best All Around 2018Best All Around 2018:
Antonio Robinson

Major: Graphic Design
Web Builder: SquareSpace

Picture of Samantha's Portfolio, winner of best personal branding, 2018Best Branding 2018:
Samantha Webster

Major: SMAD
Web Builder: SquareSpace

Image of Lily Warner's portfolio, winner of best Weebly 2018
Best Weebly 2018:
Lily Warner

Major: Theatre
Web Builder: Weebly

Picture of Katie's Wix Portfolio, winner of best wix, 2018Best Wix 2018:
Katie O'Brien

Major: SMAD
Web Builder: Wix

Image of Breanna Young's portfolio, winner of best wix, 2017.
Best Wix 2017:
Breanna Young

Major: SMAD
Web Builder: Wix

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Portfolios Across Campus

Architectural Design Byronae Lewis' Portfolio
Byronae Lewis
Web Builder: Wix

EngineeringZachary Duda's Engineering Portfolio
Zachary Duda
Web Builder: Strikingly

EducationCamille's Portfolio
Camille Deal
Web Builder: Weebly

Katrina Seaver's Nursing Portfolio

Katrina Seaver
Web Builder: Weebly

Writing and Rhetoric
Melanie Farrell's WRTC Portfolio

Melanie Farrell
Web Builder: Wix

Hospitality and Management
Grace Mauro's Hospitality Portfolio

Grace Mauro

Web Builder: Wix

DigiComm Tutors' Portfolios

Image of Amanda Harner's Portfolio

Amanda Harner

SMAD Major, Class of 2017
Web Builder: Bootstrap

Marissa Scholler's Portfolio

Marissa Scholler

SMAD Major, Class of 2019
Web Builder: Wix

Image of Becky Chen' Portfolio

Becky Chen

SMAD Major, Class of 2019
Web Builder: Weebly

Image of Kaitlyn Showalter's Portfolio

Kaitlyn Showalter

SCOM Major, Class of 2018
Web Builder: Wix

Image of Jenna Welch's portfolio

Jenna V. Welch

SMAD Major, Class of 2018
Web Builder: Wix

Image of Catie Willett's portfolio

Catie Willett

WRTC Major, Class of 2018
Web Builder: Wix

Image of Edel Rimando's portfolio

Edel Rimando

SMAD Major, Class of 2018
Web Builder: Wix

Holly's Portfolio

Holly Warfield

SMAD Major, Class of 2016
Web Builder: SquareSpace

Lauren Stearns' Portfolio

Lauren Stearns

SMAD Major, Class of 2015
Web Builder: WordPress

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