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Get to know DigiComm

Digital Communication Consulting (DigiComm) launched in 2014. Our small team of dedicated tutors serve students across the university to enhance their digital production and online presence. Our program is a part of the JMU Learning Centers. You can find us in room 1155 of the Student Success Center. 


Digital Communication Consulting empowers the JMU community to be content creators. Our team supports sophisticated and professional online content by offering semester-long faculty partnerships, one-on-one consultations, and workshops across campus.


DigiComm is an acclaimed, respected, and sought-after learning center that excels in empowering students, tutors, and faculty across campus to be content creators. Our professional, innovative, and collaborative work is a model for tutoring centers interested in supporting digital communication.


  • Foster Collaboration
  • Share Expertise
  • Nurture Creativity
  • Develop Professionalism
  • Facilitate Digital Creation

DigiComm's History

Paige Normand trained the first cohort of media tutors in the spring semester of 2014 during a semester-long 3-credit course, cross-listed among the School of Media Arts and Design (SMAD), Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication (WRTC), and Communication Studies (SCOM).  DigiComm officially began consulting in fall 2014 by embedding Media Fellows in eight classes across campus. In spring 2015 we began offering consultations to any JMU student interested in working with a tutor to create a professional portfolio or discuss a digital assignment.

We hope to expand the number of students we serve as more JMU faculty integrate complex digital assignments into their curriculum.

DigiComm Team: 2017-2018

Image of the 10 members of the DigiComm team
Paige Normand, Lindsey Brockman, Teresa Cummings, Maddie Matarazzo, Catie Willett, Cate Jarrett, John Raslowsky
Bottom Row: Becky Chen, Kaitlyn Showalter, Emily Kohl, Marissa Scholler, Jenna Welch

DigiComm Team: 2016-2017

Picture of 10 tutors of DigiComm from 2016-2017
Daniel View, Amanda Harner, Catie Willett, Danielle LeFrancois, Ryan Boals, Katie Spitzer, Kendall Slater
Bottom Row: Jules Graham, Paige Normand, Edel Rimando, Christina Reilly

DigiComm Team: 2015-2016

Team of tutors that worked during the Academic Year 2015-2016
Jules Graham, Amanda Harner, Daniel Vieth, Holly Warfield, Kendall Slater
Bottom Row: Alexa Senio, Marlena Luciano, Sarah Lundberg, Paige Normand, Becca Moore, Jessie Dominick

The Founding DigiComm Team: 2014-2015

Picture of the founding tutors of DigiComm: 2014-2015
Paige Normand, Kristen Quint, Shadi Sabbagh, Marlena Luciano, MK McSweeney, Marta Vucci, Mallory O'Shea, Alexa Senio
Not pictured: Lauren Stearns

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