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Building your Professional Portfolio

An online portfolio is like a treasure trove for potential employers! Your resume, work samples, relevant work and extracurricular experience all in one place? Score! To pick the right web builder for your portfolio, you need to consider three main things:

    1. What sort of content you want to display: graphic, written, video, etc.
    2. How much time you have to work on it
    3. How much customizability you desire (and customizability is a double-edged sword!)

Our resources will help you decide which web builder is right for you and give you the information you need to jump right in! 

DigiComm's Guide to Understanding Good Design

Design Elements

Building a website that a user can easily read, understand, and use is no easy task!  While web builders will help you make the right choices, a basic understanding of the Elements of Design will help ensure you create something beautiful and usable! Tutor Amanda Harner distilled these elements (colors, fonts, and shapes) into a helpful website full of great examples and advice.

Design Resource

DigiComm Wix or Weebly website

Wix or Weebly Web Resource

Check out the interactive guide that DigiComm tutor Madi English created to help students decide with web builder is right for them. She helps you think through the pros and cons and decide with platform is right for you given your time, content, and creative control.

Wix or Weebly

Image promoting wix v. weebly quiz

Wix v. Weebly Quiz

Ah, the age old question, "which web builder is right for me?" The portfolio building process can be a tedious one, so it's important to think about which web builder best fits your needs. Take this short, ten question quiz to determine whether you should be Team Wix or Team Weebly!

Web Builder Quiz

image of comparison chart

Web builder comparison chart

Want to know the pros and cons of our two favorite free web builders? Take a look at our comparison chart for Wix and Weebly. We consider how much time you have, how user friendly you want the builder to be, and what sort of content you're planning on displaying. 

Chart (pdf)

Image for DigiComm's

Portfolio Guide

Are you the kind of person who wants to get the big picture before jumping into a big project like creating a professional portfolio?  Well, we got you covered. Our handy-dandy guide includes an FAQ, overview of personal branding, web building basics, tips on how to tackle the difficult "About Me" page, and lastly how to protect your portfolio.

Portfolio Guide

image of Weebly landing page

Web builder: Weebly

Have you decided that Weebly is the site for you? Awesome, let's get started! Check out this handout for an overview of the basics of Weebly. Learn how to navigate, add subpages, link out to external websites or documents, and much more!

Weebly Overview (pdf)

Weebly Tips & Tricks (pdf)

image of's landing page

Web builder: Wix

Want to use Wix to build your portfolio? Great choice! This handout will provide you with what you need to know to help you get started. Learn how to navigate Wix, incorporate creative content, create a visually appealing site, and much more!

Wix Overview (pdf)

Wix Tips and Tricks (pdf)

image of someone working on a computer and taking notes.

Usability Testing Handout

Finished with your portfolio? Conduct a usability test to be sure it's good to go live! This handout will help you determine the ease of use of your website. It will also help you check to make sure you have included key information on your portfolio. Want a second pair of eyes on it? Book a consultation to talk through it with a tutor!

Usability Handout (pdf)

DigiComm's Guide to Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Last step! Once your portfolio is ready to be shared, you need to think about privacy. You have the option to keep your portfolio hidden from search engines and only let people access it by sending them your link. However, if you want people to be able to search and find your portfolio, you should set up the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your portfolio. This will make it easier for search engines like Google to find and display the right content.

Weebly SEO Video

Wix SEO Video

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