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Improving your Group Projects

Working with a team can be difficult: you have to manage communication, document sharing, timelines, and updates. While Google Docs are great for collaborating, most teams still need tools that will give them the big-picture of a project and its individual tasks and deadlines.  

The DigiComm team uses a handful of free apps to keep all of our work on track, and we've come up with some of the best approaches to ensure that teams get on the same page and stay on the right track. Check out our favorite resources and guides. Or you can talk one-on-one with a tutor about project management:

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Task Management: Trello

Trello offers an easy way to keep track of tasks, set up workflows, and prioritize your work. For group projects, we always recommend Trello because it fosters transparency and ownership with your team: know who is responsible for tasks, set deadlines, enjoy automated reminders, and easier communication. For anyone who wants to organize and keep track of their tasks, Trello makes it easy and fun to organize, prioritize, and manage all the work you do.

Trello Guide (pdf)

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DigiComm Presents: Trello, The Basics

Trello Video Tutorial

One of our DigiComm tutors, Ryan Boals, explains the basics of Trello, a collaborative tool used for project management and organization. He discusses the basics, like setting up your profile, board, and teams but he also goes into details on our recommendations for setting up a Trello board to get the most out of your task flow. Transcript included in the video description.

Video Tutorial

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Team Communication: Slack

Slack offers the end of email -- if you're working with a team and want something more robust (and less annoying) than GroupMe, check out this app. It's quickly becoming an industry standard for employees to easily follow public conversations, private message, and share documents without all the hassle of email.

Slack Guide (pdf)

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Scrum Agile Project Management

Agile Principles and Values are becoming popular in fields beyond software development. There's even a new book out for Agile Faculty. If you're a student or faculty member interested in discussing Agile and Scrum -- how it could work for your class, group projects, or program development -- book a consultation with DigiComm's Coordinator, Paige Normand, a Certified Scrum Master. She has been implementing aspects of Scrum into her program management and classroom teaching for five years. 

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