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DigiComm offers a range of classroom presentations to support your digital assignments! As peer tutors, our team have unique insights into how students approach these assignments and how to overcome common hurtles with digital production.

These presentations often lead to the tutor facilitating important Q&A about the assignment, so we request that the faculty member be present for these presentations to field questions about their expectations. We're happy to come in for targeted support or scaffold in 2-3 presentations across the semester to support your students' success!

If you have any questions about our presentation services, please contact Samantha Haling, Graduate Assistant for DigiComm, at

Schedule An Introductory Presentation: 15 Minutes

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Introduction to DigiComm Services

If you want your class to utilize our services, one of our peer tutors can visit to talk about the services our program provides, explain the types of consultations we offer, show them how to make an appointment, and discuss our online resources and video tutorials that can best support their class assignment.

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Introduction to Online Portfolios

We offer a quick overview of the value and purpose of professional portfolios, options for web builders, and personal branding strategies. We'll discuss DigiComm resources for helping students get started with their portfolios and how our tutors can help!

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Schedule a Workshop: 45 Minutes

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Digital Storytelling (45 minute workshop)

We specialize with Adobe Spark for our the digital storytelling platforms and interactive content tools such as StoryMap, Timeline JS, and Piktochart to help stories come to life.  If your assignment involves digital storytelling, invite a tutor to show your students our favorite tools and discuss best practices.

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Personal Branding (45 minute workshop)

For students creating professional portfolios, we always encourage them to think about personal branding: how they can combine a color scheme, consistent fonts, and create a logo to effectively reflect their values and skills and create a consistent look for their portfolio and all of their professional documents for the job market.

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Web Builders (45 minute workshop)

We specialize in Wix and Weebly.  If your class is choosing one of these for your digital project, we'll stop by to show your students the dashboards, common pitfalls to the web builder, and helpful resources!  If your project is designed to use a specific web builder, we can do a more focused workshop o the platform, showcase inspiring examples of student work, and discuss best practices for digital communication.

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Need something else?

Not sure which workshop is right for your class? Want to scaffold in workshops throughout the semester? Want something else entirely? No problem! 

We're happy to create tailored presentations for your class's needs. Email Samantha Haling, the Graduate Assistant for DigiComm, and we can figure out how we can best serve you!

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