If your course includes digital projects, please include our DigiComm Syllabus Statement or request a presentation so your students can know about the free consulting resources available to them. 

DigiComm offers a range of tailored, in-class presentations to help support your students create professional online content. 

If you have any questions about how DigiComm can support your students' work, please email our Graduate Assistant, Samantha Haling: halingsj@dukes.jmu.edu

DigiComm Syllabus Statement

Free One-on-One Tutoring for Digital Assignments

Digital Communication Consulting (DigiComm) is a part of the JMU Learning Centers and located on the first floor of the Student Success Center, rm. 1155. Our team of trained peer tutors offers one-on-one assistance for any JMU student working on a digital assignment. 

Our areas of expertise include: assignments utilizing Wix, Weebly, WordPress or other online web builders; creating your own personal brand and professional portfolio for the job market; digital storytelling platforms such as Atavist and Spark; and interactive content tools that bring stories to life.

Our tutoring is hands-off and consultations can last up to 45 minutes. We’re here to help empower students to be content creators. Learn more and make an appointment at www.jmu.edu/digicomm

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