Interested in becoming a tutor?

The first step to becoming a tutor will be scheduling an interview to be considered for the Digital Communication Consulting course (SCOM/SMAD/WRTC 359) to be trained as a peer tutor.

The class is offered each spring semester. We accept applications for students in any major if they have a minor in WRTC or SCOM or a major in SMAD, SCOM, or WRTC. Since this course is designed to train student who will work for DigiComm the following year, we only accept sophomores and juniors.


Interviews are conducted from mid-October to early November each year to determine the candidates for the spring class. There are two rounds of interviews to be considered.

After taking the course, students will then be interviewed for the position as a DigiComm Tutor, thus taking the course does not ensure you will be hired as a consultant.

If you have any questions, please contact the DigiComm Coordinator, Paige Normand: 

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