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Wednesday, February 14
12:10 p.m.

The Computer Science Department invites you to attend the upcoming Speaker Series presentation by Melissa and Gregory Avery-Weir with Future Proof Games on Wednesday, February 14 at 12:10 in the ISAT/CS 259.

The Weirs formed Future Proof Games in 2012 with the intention to create larger, richer works and evolve the state of the art in game design. Their next major release is The Majesty of Colors Remastered in AppStore, Play Store, Steam, and on February 28

"Ethical Intention in Development"

Software developers and artistic creators rarely believe they are unethical but we still observe countless examples of algorithms resulting in toxic systems or works that fail to address difficult topics with the appropriate delicacy. In fact, to be an ethical creator you must develop with conscious intention. Using the lens of video game development, we will discuss how projects can go wrong without ethical intention, describe our approach to crafting and practicing intention, and provide examples of works which were improved by their creators' deliberate ethical intention. Attendees will leave equipped to think about and implement their own values in order to ensure people are better-off from interacting with their work.

Refreshments will be provided courtesy of the Computer Science Department.

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