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Human-Algorithm Interaction in Crime Mapping
A Case Study of Algorithmic Ethics and Biases in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Dr. Shion Guha, Computer Science Professor
Marquette University

Wednesday, October 23
12:10 - 1:10 p.m.

Policing decisions, allocations and outcomes are determined by mapping historical crime data geo-spatially using popular algorithms. However, crime analysts usually have minimal to no technical background in algorithms, data science or statistics. This gives rise to potential biases and inequalities in analysis, outcomes, and policies. In this talk, I present early results from a mixed-methods study of the practices, policies, and perceptions of algorithmic crime mapping in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We investigate this differential by visualizing potential demographic biases from publicly available crime data over 12 years (2005-2016) and conducting semi-structured interviews of 19 city stakeholders. I will end the talk by providing current and intended research directions for potential collaborations, conversations, and future work.

Lunch will be provided courtesy of the Computer Science Department.

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