The Creative Media team's mission is to create, organize, archive, deliver, and curate images and video content that advances the brand of James Madison University.

Use of Photography

Please see Policy 1509.

Headshots & Group Photos

The Creative Media department exists to tell stories through photo and video. Because we are focused on story-driven content, we do not have the resources to photograph faculty headshots. Additionally, staff headshots can only take-place during non-academic times of the year (winter or summer breaks) as all of our production time is dedicated to story-driven content.

For group photos of committees, we can’t support all requests. We don’t need to be relied upon for every group photo. However, for the ones we don’t shoot ourselves, we will work with our campus partners requesting the group photo to arrive at an alternative solution whenever possible. We discuss these requests on a case-by-case basis.

We exist to tell great stories about JMU. We appreciate our campus partners’ help by empowering us to focus on storytelling.

Creative Media Proposals

If you are within the division of University Advancement and would like to inform the Creative Media team about a story idea that might benefit University Marketing, please use the Proposal Page.

Photo & Video Archive Access

Click here to view the instructions to add the photo and video calendars subscriptions to your device. These calendars will give you access to Creative Media’s complete archive of photography and completed videography projects and they are searchable by keyword.

Our Staff


Cody Troyer,  Creative Media Producer

Cody is a 2013 graduate from Eastern Mennonite University. He joined the JMU team as an Assistant Video Producer in February 2016, and now is a Creative Media Producer. He spends his time producing video and photography content to visually tell JMU's story.

(e) troyercj@jmu.edu
(c)  330-204-8875

Steve Aderton, Creative Media Producer

Steve is a 2019 Graduate of James Madison University. He joined the JMU Branded Content team in May of 2021. He produces photo and video content to promote JMU.

(e) adertosh@jmu.edu 
(c) 571-419-8130

Julia Weaver, Associate Creative Media Producer

Julia is a 2021 graduate from James Madison University. During her time at JMU, she served as a Student Video Producer, creating video content curated for prospective students. In her current role as an Associate Creative Media Producer, she creates photos and videos to promote the University's visual brand: including portraits, events, life on campus, etc.

(e) weave3jm@jmu.edu
(c) 540-273-7738

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