Faculty Research, Project, and Program Support

At James Madison University, CFR connects the faculty with philanthropic organizations. Through mutually rewarding collaboration and funding opportunities, we help establish relationships among university academics, leaders, and a wide range of local and national corporations and foundations.

OUR CFR STAFF WILL HELP YOU TO ENGAGE PRIVATE SUPPORT for your research, projects, and programs. We are here to listen, understand your objectives and potential impact, help you think through the elements of gift and grant proposals, and assist you in crafting documents that accurately convey the scope and importance of your work.


If that means, for example, you are seeking seed money for an exciting new project through our annual Madison Trust funding event, or looking for a corporate partner or company sponsor, or seeking significant philanthropic support from a private foundation, we are available to assist throughout all stages of the funding process.

If you are unsure about what kind of funding is the best match for your research, program, or project, we are happy to consult with you. Please contact the CFR team for assistance and sign up to receive our Funding Opportunities Digest to receive a curated list of requests for proposal from private corporations and foundations.


Of course, you can also conduct your own research about funding opportunities. Whether you plan to pursue a grant/sponsored program or a gift, or haven’t yet determined that, we can help. We will partner with you to navigate not only the funding landscape but also the procedures and policies that are particular to JMU. We work with you to identify funders, write proposals, and submit applications. We coordinate with the Office of Sponsored Programs, the University Business Office, and the JMU Foundation to ensure that any funding you receive is safeguarded and managed according to the laws of the Commonwealth, the policies of the university, and the conditions of your gift or grant.

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