At James Madison University, we can offer a wide range of housing options for our Summer Conference guests.

On-campus housing creates the ability for guests to enjoy dormitory life in different areas of campus. The Village offers a quiet, community-based housing style, while the Bluestone dorms provide a beautiful view of the historic buildings on JMU’s campus. East campus provides lodging with hall-style rooming and close proximity to large meeting facilities.

A typical bedroom is equipped with two single beds, two desks with chairs, two dressers, and two closets. Options include rooms with or without air conditioning, single or double occupancy rooms, and semi-private or community bathrooms. Each dormitory has laundry facilities to be used for a nominal fee and recreational lounges perfect for small group meetings or hang-out areas.

We can find an on-campus housing option that suits your budget and preferences, but you are also welcome to arrange off-campus housing for your group. Please see our Area Information page for a list of local hotels.

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