Conference Assistants (CAs) - Summer Conference Assistants

Every summer, JMU opens its doors to host a variety of camps and conferences on our campus. Conference Services is here to provide direct logistical support to ensure those events are successful. If you’re looking for real work experience that will help you enhance your resume and grow as a professional, this could be the job for you.

Before you arrive:
  • You will be provided a Conference Assistant (CA) to help you during your stay. While on Campus, CAs will help at check-in/out with keys, maps, and anything else you might need help with while on campus.
  • Your CA will reach out three (3) weeks in advance to assist with all planning needs once conference season begins.
After you leave:
  • You will be sent a survey about your visit.
  • You will be billed for your stay, which must be paid within 30 days of receipt of invoice.
  • You will be able to collect lost and found items if necessary.
  • You will be able to book dates for the following year!
Responsibilities include: 
  • Room Rosters
    • If you stay overnight, the assigned CA will provide you with a room roster. The roster will include your list of participants, considering any special room requests. There is a 2-week deadline for all room rosters. 
  • Check-In/Out Procedures
    • CAs will be present at both check-in and check-out, having on hand the room roster, key and meal cards, and any other materials you request. You and your CA prearrange the locations for check-in and check-out.
  • Optional Linen Service
    • Our standard linen package includes two sheets, one pillowcase, two towels, and one washcloth. Pillows and blankets may be added for a small fee. If requested, we can provide additional linens for your conference guests. These requests must be prearranged in your conference contract.
  • Meal Guarantees
    • The Guarantee Form confirms the minimum number of people using DiningServices for each meal and is due at least two weeks before your event. The CA will send the completed form to Dining Services and provide guests with meal cards at check-in that they will use to gain entry to the dining halls. The group sponsor is required to sign your meal guarantee.
  • Campus Directional Signage
    • The assigned CA will arrange directional signs to guide participants to their check-in location once they arrive on campus. Your CA will discuss sign areas with your sponsor.
  • Parking/Transportation
    • JMU Parking Services assigns specific parking lots for summer conference groups. Smaller groups typically require parking passes, which are virtual. Larger groups can have an entire lot reserved for the duration of the conference. Your CA will arrange for your group to park as close as possible to the conference location. We can reserve shuttle service and buses for excursions with advance notice.
  • Facility Setups
    • CAs can arrange with building coordinators to set up rooms according to your requests. This includes catered meals and breaks, general sessions, recreational activities, etc. Building coordinators will also coordinate any audio-visual and technology needs for your conference. ConferenceAssistants can help you make rental arrangements for anything that is outside of standard room equipment.

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