Fetch(FTP/SFTP/SCP) for Macintosh WinSCP(FTP/SFTP/SCP) for Windows

Introduction to FTPS/SFTP 

The File Transfer Protocol Secure (FTPS) / Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is a set of rules for file structure and transfer methods, and is the primary method for moving files through the Internet. It is generally faster and more versatile than email. With FTPS or SFTP, you can quickly transfer files between accounts on local and remote sites. For example, a program compiled at a remote computer could be received into your local directory using FTPS/SFTP, or a large text file too big to be mailed could be put at a remote site for storage by using FTPS/SFTP.

(Note: FTPS/SFTP access for file transfer is NOT allowed from off-campus except when using sslvpn.jmu.edu.

The primary use of local FTPS/SFTP is moving large files from a computer to www.jmu.edu.

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