Guests with Mobility Issues
Accessible Seating and Parking:

It is not necessary that you contact us about individuals with mobility issues unless you will be participating in the ceremony (i.e. you are the graduate). Please reference below for how mobility issues are addressed for all guests (parking and seating).

All requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. In order to facilitate the appropriate planning and provision, please make your request at least 3 weeks prior to Commencement by contacting us at (540) 568-7787 or by emailing University Events.

Due to the nature of the outdoor locations for the college ceremonies, we encourage those friends and family with mobility issues to attend the University Ceremony on Friday afternoon for all graduates. We are most able to accommodate those individuals in this new, accessible stadium.

Is there a separate entrance for guests with disabilities at the stadium? 

Yes! for the University Ceremony on Friday at BFS: 

-  Arrive at least 90-120 minutes early!

-  Accessible parking is available in lot R8 which is beside D-Hub.  From there, a para-transit bus will take guests to Gate C (see below)

-  If you arrive to the stadium by bus or shuttle, you will arrive at Gate C – once inside, there is a ramp that will take you to the end zone section of seats.  This level walkway will take you around to the main seating area where there will be seating that does not require stairs.

-  Another option is to sit directly on the field in a reserved section near the end zone inside Gate C.  Only the individual in the wheelchair, plus 1 will be allowed to sit here. 

-  At Entrance Gate H (beside Gate A) there is an elevator that you can take to the main concourse level. From there it is a short distance to Section 202 where they will find seats around the entire stadium that are on that level. Only the disabled person, plus one may sit on this level – the other family members can sit in front of, or behind those seats.

*  Guests who cannot walk long distances are encouraged to bring a wheelchair as they are not provided on campus.


Wheelchair Rental

We have a number of guests contact us each year regarding wheelchair rental. While the university does not have wheelchairs available for guest use, there are a number of local medical equipment rental companies that may be able to assist you:

American HomePatient


Roberts Home Medical


Williamson & Hughes Home Health


It has been our experience that it is often more convenient to rent a wheelchair from home and bring it with you rather than try and rent one in Harrisonburg.

Additional questions/inquiries related to accessibility please contact the University Events Office at 540-568-7787.

Captioning and Interpreter Services

Interpreter Services for hearing impaired are provided when requested. Please inform us of your need at least 3 weeks prior to Commencement by calling (540) 568-7787 or emailing University Events.

All requests for accommodations will be considered on a case-by-case basis. In order to facilitate the appropriate planning and provision of accommodations, please make your requests at least 3 weeks prior to Commencement by contacting us at (540) 568-7787 or by emailing University Events. Please understand that we may not be able to guarantee late requests.

Captioning in the Convocation Center

The Graduate School Ceremony will make full use of the video technology available in that facility and will feature a captioned video feed. Seating for guests requiring accommodation is reserved in front of a large video monitor near the stage, in Section 115. An usher will be able to assist guests to that section.

Graduates who require ASL Interpretation for any ceremony should email jmugrad@jmu.edu at your earliest convenience.

Commencement Program

Graduates and/or guests who may have visual impairments or whom are unable to attend the ceremony may view the programs online.

Other Accommodations

Graduates and/or guests who have questions about any of this information or who would like to request accommodations not listed here should email University Events or call 540.568.7787.


Please email your accessibility questions to University Events or call 540-568-7787.

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