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Education Coordinator
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Education Coordinator

B.A., English, James Madison University

M.A.T. Early Childhood Special Education

After thirteen years teaching middle and high school English and language arts, Jennifer MacRae joined the TTAC staff in 2015. She is the Region 5 Dyslexia Advisor Facilitator and supports educators in the use of multisensory structured literacy to teach reading and writing skills to all students including those with specific learning disabilities such as dyslexia. As a facilitator of Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling (LETRS), she also assists school divisions in providing professional development to faculty in the science of reading. Jennifer is especially interested in early literacy and is a certified Pre-K CLASS observer. She serves on the Virginia Interagency Coordinating Council which helps promote and coordinate early intervention services in Virginia. In her free time, Jennifer enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and three sons.

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