Fiscal Technician
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Sherry Hussey is the Fiscal Technician, Sr in the TTAC office, within the College of Education. Sherry started her career with James Madison University in October 2000 part-time in Accounts Payable, then June 2003 full-time with TTAC. Sherry and her husband Clint have 3 adult children – David is a graduate of JMU, lives in Fairfax with his wife, two children and two furbabies, he is self-employed. Robbie lives in Englewood, Colorado with his wife and furbaby, he works at the Costco and his wife works at the National Renewable Energy Laboratories in Golden Colorado. Shelly lives in Kuwait working as a government contractor, she is an IT Engineer with her furbaby. The Hussey’s Hideaway has 3 Furbabies, Milo, Jax and BabyGirl. Sherry and Clint enjoy swimming, being outside in the spring and summer and we also enjoy time with family and friends.

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