Benefits of Bootcamp

The School of Accounting faculty have been honing the CPA Exam Boot Camp design for the past twelve years and have devised a system that creates great leverage for success in your CPA Exam preparation.  The classroom sessions not only teach you how to take the exam and increase your skills and knowledge but also help you identify where you need to devote your time and effort in preparing on your own.  You can create great efficiency and powerful effectiveness in your preparation through this insight.    

The CPA/Excel materials will be your self-study portion of the Boot Camp.  The classroom sessions will use additional materials developed by our JMU accounting faculty, and your CPA/Excel self-study and the Boot Camp sessions will be congruent. Together this combination produced the No. 13 pass rate in 2019 in the nation for large graduate program first-time exam takers.

Boot Camp Timing & Materials

Boot camp generally runs from early May thru late June.

You may order the CPA/Excel materials anytime, but make sure you do so no later than mid-April. Email Dr. Irana Scott or call: 540-568-7669 for further information. You will need some of the materials for the orientation meeting in early May. 

Application for CPA Exam

If you intend to apply to be a CPA in Virginia, register early enough to be approved in time to make your selections to take the auditing and BEC portions of the exam as planned in the Boot Camp calendar.  Although you may not have graduated from the Masters program, you will have your undergraduate BBA and Fall’16 Masters transcripts to support your fulfillment of Virginia’s academic requirements.   

After the state board completes your registration, you will then be able to register at the Prometric test centers to take portions of the CPA exam.  It is not uncommon for registration to take four to six weeks.  Register in early spring.  Virginia state board of accountancy website:

If you do NOT intend on applying in Virginia, every state has a website where you can obtain information about applying.  Go to your state board of accounting website and see their candidate registration requirements.   

Some states may have academic requirements which you may not fulfill until you actually graduate with your Masters degree in May. In such case you will not be able to take parts of the CPA exam until at least July.  Go to your state’s board of accounting website right away and get registered if you will qualify to start taking CPA exam parts in this coming May.  

The CPA exam goes dark for the last month of every fiscal quarter …. March, June September and December.  During these times, changes to the exam data base are made by the AICPA with cooperation from Prometric. 

Exam Locations

After your state board completes your registration, you will then be able to register at the Prometric test centers to take portions of the CPA exam.  The closest test centers to Harrisonburg are all about two hours away:  Falls Church, Richmond, Roanoke, Lynchburg, Washington and Bethesda.  Here’s the Prometric website, 

For More Information

Dr. Irana Scott

Room 346, Showker Hall


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