Anna Connole
Anna Connole

Anna Connole is one of two Campus Vote Project Democracy Fellows for the James Madison Center for Civic Engagement. A part of JMU’s Class of 2021, she is currently pursuing majors in Communication Studies, B.A. and Political Science, B.A. Apart from her work at the Center, Anna is a member of the Student Government Association and a photographer for The Bluestone.

Kathryn Marmolejo

Kathryn Marmolejo is the Campus Election Engagement Project for the James Madison Center for Civic Engagement. She is a senior studying Political Science. As well as deeply enjoying her studies, she volunteers with the non-profit bereavement camp, Comfort Zone Camp. She also served as Outreach Co-Coordinator for Camp Kesem at JMU, and studied and received a license in massage therapy during her junior year of college. Following graduation, she looks forward to the D.C. job search, continuing her Spanish and French, and self-guided learning on the historization of various political theories before pursuing graduate school.

Alexie Porter

Alexie Porter is the team leader for an Up to Us project through the James Madison's Center for Civic Engagement. She is a senior social work major and family studies minor. Alexie also interns with the Morrison Bruce Center and enjoys working with children.

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