Ali Berens

Ali Berens is a senior at JMU majoring in Sociology with a concentration in Environment, Technologies, and Innovations and is also minoring in Environmental Studies. Along with her studies, she volunteers helping to create and sustain community gardens at local elementary schools. She is passionate about issues regarding the environment and learning how to live sustainably. While working with JMU Civic, she plans to help address and advocate for concerns about climate change and climate justice.”

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Wyatt Blevins

Wyatt Blevins is a Senior Public Policy and Administration and Political Science double major with a minor in History. Alongside his studies, Wyatt has worked and volunteered for political candidates around the Shenandoah Valley, served as Chairman of the JMU College Republicans, and now currently works at the JMU History Department. Wyatt is passionate about foreign affairs as well as agricultural and fiscal policy and is hoping to help broaden the individuals interests of students beyond the political issues that are always front-page news, and help to provide students with the resources to make the best decision when casting their ballots in November.

Charles Conner

Charles Conner is a Campus Vote Project Fellow with JMU Civic, focused on recruiting JMU students to serve as Poll Workers on Election Day. Charles is a sophomore majoring in Political Science and History, with minors in Public Policy and Administration and Honors Interdisciplinary Studies. He is the current President of the Class of 2023, Chair of Legislative Affairs Committee in Student Government Association, a brother of Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity, and an Oxford comma enthusiast. His favorite fields of Politics and History are Criminal Justice and Nation Building. Charles is an active advocate for students, he wants to help JMU become one of the most civically involved campuses in the country. 

Pronouns: he/him/his

Marina George

Marina George is a senior from Arlington, Virginia majoring in Political Science and Psychology and minoring in Honors Interdisciplinary Studies. In addition to working at JMU Civic, she is a member of Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity, a Student Government Senator, a Peer Educator of Student Defenders, as well as the Vice President of the Honors Leadership Council. She also works as a Program Advisor for the Office of Residence Life. She is passionate about mental health policies and her goal while working for JMU Civic is to advocate for the well-being of students as well as to support them in the process of becoming more civically engaged both in the JMU community and on a broader scale.

Charlie Jones

Charlie Jones is a senior at James Madison University majoring in Public Policy & Administration and Economics from Wytheville, Virginia. Charlie began working for the Center for Civic Engagement in Fall 2020 as a volunteer and became a Democracy Fellow starting in 2021. Outside of the Center, Charlie is a member of the JMU Student Government Association where he serves as Parliamentarian and Rules and Elections Chairperson. Charlie is passionate about direct democratic action and ensuring that our electoral systems accurately reflect the will of the people. Specifically, he is very interested in alternative voting methods reforms like ranked-choice voting. In his free time, Charlie enjoys music and doing anything outdoors whether it's hiking or kayaking.

Pronouns:  He/Him/His

Nadiya Khaydari

Nadiya Khaydari is a senior pursuing degrees in Political Science and Economics. At JMU, she serves as a Senator in the Student Government Association. Outside of JMU, she is a co-founder and part of Senior-Leadership at Cville 1st Gen which aims to help students overcome challenges and pursue higher education.

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Ryan Ritter

Ryan Ritter is an undergraduate junior from Chesapeake, Virginia majoring in History and International Affairs with a concentration in Middle Eastern comparative politics. He is also pursuing minors in Middle Eastern Communities and Migrations and Honors Studies. In addition to his work at JMU Civic, he currently serves as President of the Class of 2023, President of the Quiz Bowl Team, and an Orientation Peer Adviser. He is passionate about ensuring safe and equitable ballot access—especially among fellow students.     
Pronouns: he/his

Sinéad Sargeant

Sinéad Sargeant is the Athletics and Dukes LEAD Democracy fellow on our Civic Engagement team. Sinéad is an educational resource for student athletes regarding all aspects of voter registration, voting, and elections. She is a senior on JMU’s Cross Country and Track and Field Teams, and she is majoring in Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies with a concentration in race, ethnicity, gender and class, as well as minoring in Elementary Education. Sinéad was the Voter Registration chair on JMU SAAC and she is now the Diversity and Inclusion Co-Chair on SAAC. Sinéad was the JMU representative on the CAA Voter Registration committee, and she is still an active member on CAA SAAC as well as the CAA Family United For Change Executive Committee.

Leia Surovell

Leia Surovell is a Sophomore anthropology major with a minor in honors. Along with being a Democracy Fellow with civic, Leia is the Vice President of the College Democrats, and a Student Senator for the Student Government Association, serving on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. They are passionate about encouraging more students to participate in state and local politics and creating on-campus environments where students of all majors are welcome and are passionate about politics.

Pronouns: they/them

Mary Tolentino

Mary Tolentino is the Woodson Martin Democracy Fellow at JMU Civic, focusing on the immigrant communities in the Shenandoah Valley. Mary is a junior and pursuing a degree in Health Sciences with a minor in Medical Spanish. As a high school student, Mary discovered an interest in advocating for minority groups through various extracurricular programs. She enjoys spending time in nature and listening to music.

Pronouns: she/her/hers

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