While we value traditional academic disciplines, we also value approaches to scholarly inquiry that cut across traditional disciplines, bringing relevant information and problem-solving approaches from a variety of knowledge domains to bear.

Contextualized Knowledge and Skills

We value teaching and scholarship that produce knowledge and skills that are relevant to understanding and addressing contemporary problems, issues, or societal needs at global, national, and local scales. We acknowledge that relevance may be achieved through a diversity of approaches, teaching styles, and methods, including “hands-on” and other experiential learning.


We value innovation as a critical element in problem-solving, and we seek to teach students to be innovative in their problem-solving approaches. We also value innovative teaching methods in the classroom.

Student Engagement

We value engagement with our students in order to produce meaningful learning experiences. We respect students by mentoring them in ways that can help them to be effective holistic problem- solvers; by collaborating with them in our scholarship when possible; by developing robust and engaging curricula that teach them critical skills; by learning with them; by creating opportunities for them to learn, ask questions, and articulate needs; and by championing them in their transition through their educational experiences.


We value a spirit of collaboration in curriculum development, team teaching, research, and service opportunities.

Inclusive Excellence

We value acceptance and respect for that which makes each individual unique. We recognize and embrace our individual differences. 

Autonomy and Work-life balance 

We respect and trust our faculty to make decisions regarding teaching, scholarship, and service. This includes their freedom of inquiry, their freedom to be innovative, and their freedom to critically question and challenge dominant assumptions. We value faculty autonomy in course development and delivery as a means to producing a dynamic, diverse, and interesting curriculum. We encourage our faculty and staff to pursue their passions in a way that maximizes the synergy between the personal and professional dimensions of our lives.

Transparent, Honest, and Fair Leadership

We value leadership, and policies and processes that treat all in a fair manner and provide opportunities to all equally. We value transparent administrative processes to promote fairness among all members of our community. We value honesty in communication promoting respect for each other's dignity.

Collegiality, Appreciation and Support

We value a culture of caring. We express appreciation and provide support for faculty, staff, and students.  We value administrative approaches to finds ways to help faculty members to succeed.

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