Faculty Research

We foster an environment that encourages CISE faculty to pursue groundbreaking research in their respective fields and beyond. We attract renowned scholars, experts, and researchers who are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of knowledge. Our faculty are actively engaged in diverse research projects, collaborating with colleagues from around the world, industry partners, and government agencies.

We provide robust support systems to empower faculty researchers. From securing research grants to accessing state-of-the-art facilities, we strive to create an ecosystem where faculty members can explore their intellectual passions and make significant contributions to their disciplines. Through their research endeavors, our faculty members enhance their teaching methodologies, ensuring that students receive an education that is both current and relevant.

Student Research

We strongly believe that research is a transformative educational experience for CISE students. Engaging in research empowers them to develop critical thinking skills, cultivate a deep understanding of their field of study, and contribute to new knowledge creation. We actively encourage students across all disciplines to participate in research projects, working alongside faculty mentors who guide and inspire them.

We integrate the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into our coursework and research. This connection adds real-world relevance and social impact, demonstrating how our efforts can contribute, even on a small scale, to important global goals. Read more.

We offer numerous avenues for students to pursue research. From undergraduate research programs to dedicated research labs, we provide the resources and mentorship necessary for students to excel. Through these opportunities, students collaborate with faculty and fellow students, gaining hands-on experience, and making significant contributions to their respective fields.

Engaging in research also opens doors to internships, graduate studies, and career opportunities.

Research Culture

We have fostered a vibrant research culture within CISE. We organize research symposiums such as the Engineering xChange and the School of Integrated Sciences Symposium. We host conferences, and seminars that bring together scholars, researchers, and students to share their findings and engage in intellectual dialogue. These events provide a platform for interdisciplinary collaborations, encourage networking, and promote the exchange of ideas.

We celebrate and recognize the achievements of our faculty and student researchers. We have established awards, grants, and fellowships to acknowledge outstanding contributions in research and innovation. We actively promote a culture of inclusive excellence, ensuring that all members of our community have equal opportunities to engage in research and showcase their talents.

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