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Director of Access and Inclusion; Professor, Geography, ISAT
Contact Info

  • Ph.D. Anthropology (Archaeology), Catholic University of America
  • M.A. Applied Philosophy, Bowling Green State University
  • B.S. with Honors, James Madison University
Scholarly Interests/Research Topics
  • Middle Atlantic Archaeology
  • Long-Term Climate Change and Impacts on Human Community
  • Sustainability and Indigenous Peoples
  • Resilience Theory and Systems Maintenance/Change
  • Science and the Public
  • 40 years cultural resource management (National Park Service, National Forest Service, State of Virginia)
  • Co-Chair, Society for American Archaeology Committee on Climate Change and Archaeological Resource Strategies
  • President, Mountain Valley Archaeology
Selected Publications
  • 2023 (with Cochran et al) “Building a Foundation to Unify the Language of Climate Change in Historical Archaeology,” forthcoming, Historical Archaeology.
  • 2022 (with M. Barber) “Arriving Here: First Settlers of the Shenandoah Valley,” Silver Lake: 200 Years of a Shenandoah Valley Mill and Community, ed. C. Lyons, pp. 20-25. (Rocktown History)  
  • 2022 (with H. Wholey and D. Nichols) “From the President: Committee on Climate Change Strategies and Archaeological Resources,” The SAA Archaeological Record, 22 (1): 3. 
  • 2021a The Visibility of Sound: Acoustic Archaeology in the Virginia Blue Ridge.  North American Archaeologist 43 (2): 103-123.  
  • 2021b The View from Rockshelters: Finding the Intangible in Landscapes.  Journal of Middle Atlantic Archaeology 37: 109-124.  2021c    Caching Quartzite: Lithic Foraging and Focused Mobility in the Virginia Blue Ridge.  Quarterly Bulletin of the Archeological Society of Virginia 76 (2): 39-50.
  • 2020 Middle Woodland Research in Virginia: A Review of Post-1990 Studies in The History of Virginia’s First Peoples, ed. Elizabeth Moore, pp. 123-160.  Archeological Society of Virginia Special Publication. 
  • 2019 Climate Change Impacts on Archaeological Sites of the Middle Atlantic Uplands (U.S.). Quarterly Bulletin of the Archeological Society of Virginia 74 (3): 107-120.  
  • 2018a Foundations of Middle Atlantic Prehistory, ed. H. Wholey and C. Nash, Alta Mira Press.
  • 2018b (with Heather Wholey) Prioritizing Heritage Resources in a Time of Loss: Sea Level Rise and Archaeological Sites in the Middle Atlantic, U.S. in Burning Libraries Special Issue of Conservation and Management of Archaeological Sites 20 (4): 285-295. 

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