Tripp Purks walks you through the details of JMU Residence Life

Residence Life Frequently Asked Questions

I want to know more about residence life in general.

After you pay your deposit, you will receive a hard copy One Book, as well as access to an online version. This publication provides you with information on a variety of departments and services at JMU. Detailed information on the Office of Residence Life is included in the One Book. Additional information is available by calling the Office of Residence Life at 540.568.HOME (4663) or by visiting the website Students and parents can view our Res Hall 360 Project to see what a typical room on campus looks like.

Do we have the option of picking our residence hall? (New this year)

Yes, first year students will select their room this year during Online Room Selection, which will take place in July. The order in which students will select a room will be based on their enrollment deposit date.

If you don’t want a community bathroom, can you request a suite-style or private bathroom?

About 90% of our first-year halls feature community bathrooms. If you have a medical condition that requires special accommodations, please download and complete the Housing Accommodation Request form from the ORL website at Requests are due June 19, 2020. Requests received after that date will be accommodated as space is available.

Our student has asthma and multiple allergies, will residence hall arrangements accommodate this special need?

Requests for such accommodations are made by filling out the “Housing Accommodation Request” form online at The Special Housing Committee, staffed by professionals from Disability Services, the University Health Center, and the Office of Residence Life makes all decisions regarding special accommodations. Requests are due June 19, 2020. Requests received after that date will be accommodated as space is available.

What is the upperclass contract?

A limited number of housing contracts for 2021-2022 have been made available to the incoming freshman class. Students may sign this contract at the same time they complete their 2020-2021 contract. This is a separate contract and separate signing process from the first year contract. This upperclass year contract is a binding agreement that guarantees the student will have a room on-campus their second year. Students cannot cancel this contract at a later date so only students who are 100% absolutely sure they want to live on campus for 2 years should complete this contract. Students who sign an upperclass housing contract will receive earlier room selection timeslots for spring’s Online Room Selection process. Signing a 2021-2022 housing contract does not guarantee a student a particular location for their sophomore year.

What is the housing assignment procedure?

When roommates mutually request each other by the July 17 roommate selection deadline, they can pull each other into a room during Online Room Selection. Your roommate must have a signed Housing Contract and you must be in a Roommate Group with them in order to pull them into a room. Residents who do not request specific roommates can select a room on their own. They are able to see the answers to other students’ lifestyle questionnaires when selecting a room.

Can we choose our roommate if we know another incoming student?

Yes. Roommate requests must be made through the Online Housing System by July 17. The request must be mutual between both students.

What are residence hall rules and regulations?

There are numerous policies and regulations which govern community living in the residence halls, including rules related to visitation, quiet hours, alcohol, illegal drugs, pets, cooking, etc. A full list of policies is given to each student in the form of the ORL Guidebook Calendar, and selected policies are listed on the ORL website.

What things should we bring and leave at home?

Be sure to visit for a complete list and other information about move-in day.

I want to know more about the Residential Learning Communities. Who can I contact?

Tripp Purks, Assistant Director of Student Learning Initiatives in Residence Life –

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