Dr. Frances Flannery takes you through the details of JMU Philosophy and Religion.

Philosophy and Religion Frequently Asked Questions

What is name of the major?

Philosophy and Religion

Do I take classes in both?

Once you are a major, you will choose one of these concentrations: Philosophy, Interdisciplinary Philosophy, Religion, or Interdisciplinary Religion.

What are the Interdisciplinary Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Religion concentrations about?

You may tailor your own major by counting three courses from any other discipline as Philosophy or Religion, by reflecting with your advisor about how you think about these in a philosophical or religious studies framework. This allows for a great deal of flexibility, especially for those wanting to pursue two majors at JMU (such as Intelligence Analysis and Religion, Psychology and Philosophy, etc. etc.).

What minors do you offer?

Religion, Philosophy, Ethics, Logic and Reasoning, Global Religions and Global Issues, and Christian Studies. Yes, you can get a major and a minor in the same department!

What is a class in Philosophy or Religion like?

It depends on the class, but once you get past the introductory class, you'll definitely be in a smaller, intimate class with lots of discussion, debate and reflection. You'll come to know your professors extremely well.

What kind of job can I get with this major?

Did you know that Philosophy majors score the best on the LSAT for law school and among the highest on the MCAT? Did you know the Religion majors are sought after in government, global business, and intelligence fields? Our majors go on to have an amazing array of careers, and they cite the rigor and critical thinking skills of our major as contributing to their success.

Can I take an internship, or be a teaching assistant?

Our best students have these options, so become a major and work hard!

What are the professors like?

Students consistently praise us for caring about their development, including through being available for questions that pique their curiosity outside of class, through listening to any concerns, and through intentional mentoring as they consider which career or graduate program to pursue.

What is student life in the department like?

We have a student-led Religion Club and Philosophy Club (and some years these merge). We have two student study lounges that students enjoy spending time in and many organized events—whether watching films, going on field trips or hearing invited speakers. Also, we have two honors societies, one for Philosophy and one for Religion.

Do you have scholarships?

There are two scholarships available in Religious studies for those going into a vocation related to organized religion.

Where can I find out more, or figure out how to talk to a professor?

Glad you asked! Please go to: www.jmu.edu/philrel 

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