Dr. Samy El-Tawab discusses the details of JMU Information Technology.

Information Technology Frequently Asked Questions

Is Information Technology a new major at JMU?

Yes, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is a new major at James Madison University that will start fall 2020 (upon SCHEV approval).

Is Information Technology part of the Department of Computer Science?

Yes, Information Technology is a new major that falls under the computing field, and it is part of the Department of Computer Science.

What is the Information Technology Program focused on?

The Information Technology major is focused on focusing on highly relevant skills in fields of cybersecurity, computer networking, and end-user design and development (Mobile and Web Development). We go beyond the science behind computers, teaching you how to design and develop solutions in a wide range of computing and networking application areas. We will provide you with the knowledge and skills to meet the computer technology needs of business, government, healthcare, education and other organizations. In addition to core competencies in programming and networking and other application-focused computing fields, the IT major features a junior-level project to address a community need, as well as a senior capstone project allowing students to apply the range of their abilities in a real-world context.

I like computers. Is Information Technology the major I should make my choice?

The computing field is large. We recommend enrolling in IT101, as it can give you an insight into what you will be studying and the differences among the fields. Also, we do recommend checking our curriculum: www.jmu.edu/it

What type of research can student experience in Information Technology?

Our faculty are active members of their respective research communities. They involve students from every major in their research and publish/present at international/national research venues. Several faculty have a successful history of receiving externally funded grants. Students are encouraged to work closely with their professors to be prepared for real-world problem-solving. Research areas include (but not limited to): Computer Networking, Security and Cryptography, IT Education, Intelligent Transportation, and Robotics.

Is Information Technology a good career for me?

Currently, Information Technology is one of the highest recruiting fields in the world, and with the world being more connected, it is expected to be one of the hot topics for several years!

More questions?
Dr. Samy El-Tawab, Information Technology Major Program Director at eltawass@jmu.edu

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