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Psychology Frequently Asked Questions

 Do you accept AP/CIE/IB/dual enrollment credit for psychology classes?

Yes, we do accept AP/CIE/IB credit for psychology. Students who receive a 4 or higher on the AP exam receive credit for PSYC 101.  Please see the following links for more information on these tests:

We also accept dual enrollment credit from many colleges and universities.  Please see our transfer credit website for more information.

 What classes do psychology students take?

The Psychology Major Checklist (PDF) includes a list of the psychology requirements.  Students also complete General Education and other University requirements.  Additional information is available on our website.

 What are the sizes of the psychology classes?

Our largest classes are our General Education psychology classes.  These classes will range in size from 40 to 300 students.  Our psychology content core classes will range in size from 30 to 70 students.  Our smallest course is our senior seminar which will have approximately 12 students. 

  Can psychology majors have a minor?

Yes, psychology majors can select a minor.  A complete list of minors is available online.

 What is the Psychology Learning Community?

The Psychology Learning Community is a great opportunity for students interested in psychology.  Students will get to meet other psychology majors and psychology faculty.  Students in the PLC will take three psychology classes together during their first year.

 Do psychology majors have research opportunities?

Yes, our students have lots of opportunities to work on research projects.  At the end of the school year, we host a symposium to celebrate our students’ accomplishments.  For more information, please browse the program from prior symposium (PDF).

 Do psychology majors complete internships?

Yes, our students do complete internships.  Our students interested in internships can apply for our Introductory Fieldwork and Field placement programs.

 Are there study abroad opportunities for psychology majors?

Yes, psychology majors have several options for study abroad.  One option is to complete a short-term summer program.  These programs are approximately 3 weeks long.  During the program, students complete a class while also traveling the country with a JMU faculty member and other students.  A second option is for students to spend a semester abroad.

 Do you help psychology majors find jobs for after graduation?

To assist our students with their job search, we offer a 1-credit hour elective course about finding a job with a psychology major.  Students can take this course early in their academic career.  In addition, our students use the University Career Center and their academic advisor as resources.

 Do students attend graduate school?

Approximately, two-thirds of our students attend a graduate program within five years of graduating from James Madison University.  Although many of our students attend a psychology graduate program, we also have students attend medical school, law school, and a variety of other graduate programs.

 Who advises psychology majors?

Incoming first-year students are assigned a Freshman Advisor.  Your Freshman Advisor will help you with your transition to James Madison University.  In the spring, you will be assigned an academic advisor.  Our Psychology faculty members advise our students.  For additional advising, you can visit our Psychology Peer Advising Office.  The Psychology Peer Advisors are trained to answer questions related to academic advising.

 Who should I contact if I have more questions about the psychology major at JMU?

I am the Department Head, and I will be happy to answer your questions!  You can email me at Dan Holt (  If you prefer a student perspective, please email our Psychology Peer Advisors at

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