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Pre-Professional Health Frequently Asked Questions

 Which major should I choose as a pre-professional health student at JMU?

Your choice! The advantage of declaring a PPH minor is the flexibility this allows in selecting your major. We encourage students to choose a major you are most inspired/excited to study. We know that if you enjoy your studies, you will succeed in the classroom. The minor will ensure you are completing prerequisites for your intended health profession program.  

The most common declared majors amongst PPH students are: Biology, Health Science, Kinesiology, Psychology, Chemistry….etc

 How do I declare a pre-professional health minor?

As a new first-year or transfer student, your first opportunity to officially declare your intended Pre-Professional Health (PPH) Minor is through the One Book or the Transfer One Book (ie. during orientation).

You may declare a PPH minor at any point during your academic career, however we advise to make this decision early so that you have access to appropriate resources. 

 What advising support will I have as a Pre-Professional Health student?

You will have an assigned PPH advisor that will work as an accessory advisor to your major advisor. We are here for you all 4 years and even up to 4 years after graduation as you pursue health profession programs.

 Does PPH help students in securing clinical experiences/internships?

While PPH has many suggestions and guidelines about where to go for clinical experiences, we do not secure them for you.  Graduate programs want to see you take the initiative to find experiences that are appropriate and meaningful to you.

 How can I connect with other PPH students at JMU?

All of the pre-health minors have at least one student organization dedicated to students planning a health professions career. Joining and attending meetings and other activities arranged by these student organizations is an excellent way to meet other PPH students. 

 Nursing and PPH – can I do both?

In general, no. The nursing program is very demanding and leaves few opportunities for students to take the prerequisite courses required by graduate health professions programs.

 What if I am coming to JMU with credits either from Dual Enrollment or with an Associate’s degree?

In general, it is recommended to take the science prerequisite courses at JMU. Many graduate programs prefer to that these course come a 4 year institution. So while enrolling in DE or AP coursework is wonderful in terms of preparation, it should be cautioned to use these as a means to jump into advanced coursework upon entry at JMU.

Students entering JMU with community college credits should meet with their PPH Advisor early in their academic career.  In some cases you may be recommended to retake the course at JMU or to take a higher level, more advanced course in that subject area than is strictly required by the PPH minor.

You can read more about Transfer and Dual Enrollment credit here.

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