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Business Management Frequently Asked Questions

 What types of classes do Management majors take?

Students in Management take a core set of classes that are designed to help them develop both knowledge of management practices and certain skills that are necessary for effective management. In particular, classes are designed to build two broad sets of skills: analytical skills (creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills) and interpersonal skills (communication, team, and leadership skills). To facilitate this, coursework includes content that is designed to develop both skill sets. For additional details, you can see all the required (core) Management courses on our management major diagram page.

 What concentrations are available within the Management major?

Management majors can choose one of three concentrations, though they are not required to do so. The three concentrations are Management Consulting, Human Resource Management, and Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Additional details about Management coursework and concentrations can be found on our curriculum overview page.

 What minors do you recommend for students majoring in Management?

Some of the more popular and useful minors to pair with the Management major include Business Analytics (especially good to pair with Management Consulting concentration), Computer Information Systems (especially good to pair with Management Consulting concentration), Communication Studies, Cultural Communication, Global Supply Chain Management, a Foreign Language, Human Resource Development, Music Industry, and Nonprofit Studies.

 What types of jobs do graduates get?

Management graduates pursue jobs in a wide range of fields, depending on their own interests and on their concentration. Most students who complete the Management Consulting concentration get jobs in consulting, in which they are helping managers at other organizations solve the problems that they are facing. Students who complete the Human Resource (HR) Management concentration will often get jobs in HR or in retail management, or they will be hired into a Management Training Program in an organization, so they are fast-tracked into management roles in that organization. Students who complete the Innovation & Entrepreneurship concentration pursue a broader range of job opportunities. Some go work for organizations that emphasize innovation (like Apple); some will go work for their family’s business; some will start their own businesses; and others will pursue other creative and unique endeavors. We also have students take positions with nonprofit organizations and government agencies. Additional details about jobs and employers are available on our explore careers page.

 Are Management students required to complete an internship?

While we encourage our students to do so, completing an internship is not required. Students can often find internships through the Career Services on campus, and in some instances may be able to get course credit for the internship.

 Are scholarships available to Management students?

We have a few scholarships specifically for Management students; additional details are available on our scholarships page.

 Are there any clubs/organizations that Management students tend to join?

Our Management students join a wide range of JMU clubs and organizations, depending on their interests. Those that are affiliated directly with the Management department can be found on the student organizations page.

 Is there someone I can contact if I have additional questions?

Please feel free to contact the department chair, Dr. Laura Leduc, with additional questions. She can be reached at or (540) 568-5171.

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