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International Business Frequently Asked Questions

 Will I need to learn a foreign language?

Yes.  You will be expected to develop competency in a second language of your choice.  This is done by taking four specific courses in the foreign language at the 300-level.

 Which foreign language courses are offered at JMU?

Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish.  For some languages, e.g. Japanese, JMU only offers a limited number of courses, and we would find other ways for you to fulfill the foreign language requirement.

 Must I complete a study abroad program?

Yes.  Each student majoring in International Business is required to study or complete an internship abroad for a minimum of six weeks.  It must be in a country where the primary language spoken is the same as the language chosen by the student to meet the International Business foreign language requirement.

 Does JMU offer study abroad options?

Yes.  Check out the Center for Global Engagement at

 Must I complete the study abroad requirement through a JMU Program?

No.  You can choose from many other programs.  However, the program must be approved by the Program Director.

 Are there concentrations in the major?

Yes.  You can either be general or choose between a Finance or Marketing concentration.

 I am interested in a minor. Which would you suggest?

Most of our majors will have a minor in their foreign language.  Other minors that may of interest are Economics, Business Analytics and Asian Studies.

 What classes make up the lower-level BBA Core?

  • COB 191  Business Analytics I
  • COB 202  Interpersonal Skills
  • COB 204  Computer Information Systems
  • COB 241  Financial Accounting
  • COB 242 Managerial Accounting (COB 241 is a pre-req) (not included in the BBA Core GPA)
  • COB 291  Business Analytics II (COB 191 and MATH 205 or 235 are pre-req’s)
  • ECON 201 Introduction to Microeconomics
  • ECON 200 Introduction to Macroeconomics (also satisfies General Education, Cluster 4 Global Experience)
  • MATH 205 or MATH 235 Calculus (also satisfies General Education, Cluster 3 Mathematics) (not included in the BBA Core GPA)

 What is COB 300?

COB 300 is an integrated class made up of 4 different components of 3 credit hours each that you complete all in one semester. The 4 components are: Management, Finance, Operations, and Marketing

  • You must submit an application in order to be considered for enrollment. 
  • Must have completed or be in the process of completing the lower-level BBA core courses; have a 2.7 or higher BBA GPA; and a 2.0 or higher in all course work at JMU to be accepted into COB 300.
  • COB 300 is offered in Antwerp, Belgium. This requires that you also apply through the Center for Global Engagement to go abroad. 
  • The COB 300 experience in Belgium will not fulfill the International Business major study abroad requirement.

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