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General Education and AP/DE Transfer Frequently Asked Questions

 What is the General Education program?

A General Education program, sometimes also called Liberal Education program, is a university’s core curriculum, through which students develop strong intellectual and practical skills and knowledge. At JMU, this valuable core of knowledge, skills and perspectives is considered foundational to developing an educated and enlightened citizen.

 Why should I examine a university’s General Education program when making my decision of which university to attend?

General Education programs typically consists of approximately one-third of the courses a student will be required to take before graduating from an accredited university. Further, the outcomes associated with a strong liberal arts general education program are often cited as highly associated with success and thriving in a wide variety of employment, life-skill and creative endeavors. It is important, therefore, to closely examine the structure and potential impact of the General Education program at universities. JMU’s robust and high-impact General Education Program has been nationally recognized for its excellence.

 How Does JMU’s General Education Program differ from some others?

Rather than emphasizing specific classes and disciplinary content, for example Art History or Psychology 101, JMU’s General Education is organized around a core set of skills and perspectives, which we assess at the university level. A student can obtain the desired skills and perspectives from a selection of several courses across multiple disciplines, encouraging choice and exploration of content while insuring the development of a powerful set of General Education outcomes. The program’s courses are organized into five clusters, each emphasizing related skills, subjects and approaches. Taken together, courses in general education and in a student's chosen major complement and complete each other.

A brief overview of the program’s structure and requirements can be found here.

More details can be found at the start of this five minute video and at

 How do I know what General Education credit JMU awards for Dual Enrollment courses or AP/IB tests?

For dual enrollment courses, consult our Transfer Equivalency Guide, which includes thousands of courses.

For AP or IB credit, consult the JMU catalog for the year you took the test.

 Where can I find information about transfer credit?

Please visit this page for more information about transfer credit policy at JMU.

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