Major requirements and their VCCS equivalents

The word "and" between VCCS course numbers indicates JMU credit will be awarded only for completion of the VCCS sequence.

Transfer Student Information

JMU course

VCCS course

PSYC 101

PSY 200, or PSY 201 and 202

PSYC 160

PSY 230, PSY 231 and 232

CSD 420, 421

ASL 101, 102

(not a CSD major requirement, but sign language is helpful in the field)

Advising Notes for Transfer Students

  1. In addition to major requirements, a biological sciences course is required. Students may meet this requirement by completing a general biology course at the community college.
  2. Because of the sequencing of CSD major courses, students are advised to transfer early (i.e. after one year at the community college). This allows students to begin introductory courses in their sophomore year and gives them the time necessary to build a stronger foundation in the discipline. Because a graduate degree is required to be able to practice in the fields of speech-language pathology and audiology, a solid preparation at the undergraduate level is important.
  3. Students are encouraged to concentrate on general education courses at the community college level. It is unusual for relevant CSD courses to be offered at community colleges.
  4. Students interested in the B.A. are strongly encouraged to begin their foreign language at the community college.

Additional helpful information about transferring

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