A faculty adviser is assigned to each Freshman class in the spring semester of freshman year (Students are typically with a first-year advisor before this). The CSD academic adviser will typically follow the group of students throughout the four undergraduate years. Information on CSD academic advisors, including office hours and contact information, can be located on the CSD advising Canvas site (described below) for current students.

As of September, 2021, CSD Advising is on Canvas, the JMU online course tool. CSD Undergraduate Advising has a dedicated Canvas site that provides CSD major and career information and self-guided advising resources. The most up-to-date information in CSD is shared with all students through this platform. CSD majors are added to the advising Canvas site by default when students are assigned a CSD academic advisor.

CSD has peer advising. The peer advisor is typically a Double Duke first-year graduate student who is very familiar with the CSD curriculum, program, and career information. Current students can access peer advising through the advising Canvas site.
For general inquiries about the CSD undergrad program and peer advising, please e-mail csdug@jmu.edu.


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