Make the Most of Your Meetings

  • Get started in Handshake: It only takes 5-10 minutes to get all your members started in Handshake. Just start at and follow the prompts to start getting your members connected with internships, jobs, employer networking opportunities on campus, and much more. For assistance, check out our tutorial.
  • Explore more career tools: Set aside time in your meeting for members to explore LinkedIn, InterviewStream, or some of the other Career Tools on our website. Consider having one of your members who has had experience using these resources lead the session and provide advice.
  • Invite a faculty member to speak: Faculty can be well-suited to provide industry-specific advice.
  • Request a University Career Center presentation: You can request a presentation for one of your meetings. These are dependent on staff availability, and requests must be submitted at least two weeks in advance. 
  • Receive training at University Career Center to present to your student org: Set up a meeting to learn how to present the material to your members. Contact Venus Miller at to find out more about the request process. 
  • Share University Career Center materials: Visit University Career Center’s Google Drive folder for University Career Center handouts and promotional materials that you can share in your group meetings. We have materials on choosing a major or career, interviewing, resumes, cover letters, graduate school, and more.

How do other student orgs connect with employers?

Networking can happen a lot of different ways, however some student orgs have successfully forged meaningful connections by inviting employers to:

  • Give presentations to their organizations
  • Review resumes
  • Host site visits

Many employers are eager to connect with student groups, so don't be shy!

How do I make professional contacts?

  • Look on Handshake to see what employers are coming to campus for on-campus interviews, and ask to meet them while they're in town.
  • Use LinkedIn to find alumni working at organizations of interest to you.
  • Reach out to former members of your student organization who are working in the field.
  • Ask current members of your student org if they or their family members have contacts.
  • Ask a faculty member for assistance with identifying contacts.
  • Connect with employers on Twitter and other social media.
  • Email Laura Hickerson, Assistant Director of Employer Engagement, if you are unsure where to begin, and she can recommend an employer who is eager to connect with JMU student organizations.

How do I find JMU Alumni on LinkedIn?

Visit the alumni section of the James Madison University school page on LinkedIn. You can do a text search for anything, such as the name of your student organization, or apply one of the following filters:

  1. Where they live (geographic location)
  2. Where they work (company)
  3. What they do (job function)
  4. What they studied (major)
  5. What they’re skilled at (LinkedIn skills)
  6. How you are connected (1st and 2nd degree connections, group members, and so on)
  7. Years attended
Offer Credit for Events

University Career Center you figure out a sign-in process to give your members credit for attending our events. If you use a point system, consider offering points for uploading a resume to Handshake, applying to an internship, on-campus interviews, practice interviews, or attending Career Fair.

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