Why Prepare for an Interview?

The interview provides you the opportunity to sell your qualifications and abilities to the employer. If your resume was successful in "getting your foot in the door," the interview is your chance to prove you are the person for the job. Remember that the interview is a two-way process: it offers both you and the employer the chance to evaluate whether or not there is a match for employment.

Effective interviews require careful and thorough preparation on your part. Knowing what to expect, including the kinds of questions that you may be asked and how to respond to them, gives you greater self-confidence and increases the chance that your interview will be successful. Everyone can learn to interview well by developing effective interview skills, gaining an understanding of the interview process, and projecting the right attitude and image.

Opportunities to Practice Interviewing

Online with BigInterview

All JMU students and alumni can use BigInterview to conduct free, online practice interviews with a webcam. You will have access to frequently asked interview questions, or you can choose your own questions, or you can select a prepared interview. You can record yourself responding to each question, retry, and review the final product to improve your performance.

Practice Interview Event

Every semester, our Practice Interview Event helps many JMU students prepare and feel confident for their future interviews and career fairs through 30-minute practice interviews with employers and receive insightful feedback on your interview skills. 

This free event is a great opportunity to:

  1. Practice answering common and challenging interview questions
  2. Learn tips and advice directly from companies' representatives (many are even recruiters and hiring managers for their organizations)
  3. Network with key contacts in such companies and industries that you might be interested in

Fall 2024 dates coming soon.

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