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Art, Art History, Graphic Design and Architectural Design Internships

An on or off-campus program prepared and monitored on an individual basis. Internships are designed to provide practical experience in the arts and design.  Art History, Graphic Design and Architectural Design internships are always off-campus.

For more information about Architectural Design internships, contact Evelyn Tickle at tickleec@jmu.ed or 540.568.6696  
For more information about Art internships, contact Corinne Diop at or 540.568.6485
For more information about Art History internships, contact Sarah Brooks at or 540.568.6642
For more information about Graphic Design internships, contact Dawn McCusker at or 540.568.6500

Gallery Internships

Gallery Internships: On Campus
Available at both Duke Gallery of Fine Art and ArtWorks.  Internships offer experience as a gallery attendant with hands-on opportunities for hanging exhibits and working with artists. For more information, contact John Ros at or (540) 568-6407.

Gallery Internships: Off Campus
National and Regional Internships
Placement in regional and national museums and galleries. Internships may be general internships or specialized (for example research, exhibition, education, collections management, administration). The prerequisite can be waived under the following conditions: must be a rising junior or senior, must have a 2.8, must have a faculty recommendation.  For more information, contact your Advisor.

Madison Art Collection Internships

Internships available with the Madison Art Collection are available in a variety of specializations, from research positions, exhibit designers, educational outreach, and curatorial duties. For more information, contact Kate Stevens at or 540.568.6934 or visit the collection in the College Center, Room 2102.

International Internships

Opportunities to work in art-related internships may be available in conjunction with JMU's Semester in London program. 

For more information, go to the program website or contact Lauren Franson at or 540.568.6976.

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