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Studio Art (B.S., B.A., B.F.A.)

The undergraduate program in Studio Art offers 3 degrees: a BS, a BA, and a BFA.


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The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in studio art is designed for students who seek a breadth of knowledge in the visual arts and who have a preferred interest or stronger background preparation in math, the natural sciences or the social sciences. The degree major of studio art allows students to develop their visual vocabulary and provides a range of elective options that complement the major in studio art. 


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The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree is intended for students interested in pursuing a program of art study that promotes lifelong learning with an emphasis on the humanities. The B.A. in studio art is designed for students who seek a breadth of knowledge in the visual arts and who have an interest or background in the humanities. Students majoring in studio art will:

• Grasp how artworks are created. 
• Understand how the visual arts relate to the culture that influences them. 
• Gain an overview of the sequences of style and meaning evident in the history of art. 
• Improve their ability to articulate their ideas and knowledge about art to others. 
• Learn about career opportunities in art and closely related fields.


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The Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree in Studio Art is intended for those students whose goal is the professional production of visual art. Only those students serious about preparing for a studio career in the visual arts and willing to commit the time and energy necessary to achieve professional competence in their chosen area of studio emphasis should enroll.

The studio art major allows students to develop visual vocabulary, foster a deeper understanding of the formal visual relationships present in the art and design process, enhance their aesthetic awareness of art forms, and to promote the competency to independently seek further professional growth.

Within the major, students develop competency in several media, i.e., painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, fiber, metals and jewelry, printmaking, photography as well as foster a professional command of at least one medium. Upon completion of the degree, students are prepared to pursue the professional production and exhibition of their own art or more in-depth study at the graduate school level.

The BFA in Studio Art is available with the following concentrations:

Ceramics                          Fiber Arts and Weaving                 Metals and Jewelry                Painting and Drawing   

Photography                     Printmaking                                   Sculpture


Corinne Diop, Studio Art Coordinator, Professor of Art
M.F.A. University of Washington; B.S. James Madison University 540.568.6485