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Integrated 3D students explore the technical, formal, conceptual and cultural overlaps between sculpture, ceramics, fiber and metals.

I3D students complete a beginning and intermediate course in each 3D medium to develop 3D visualization and thinking skills, habits of investigation with a 3D perspective and knowledge of contemporary practices in 3D media.

Students also complete a 6- to 12-credit concentration in their chosen medium and two capstone courses to further develop and refine specialized technical, analytical and creative skills as well as help students to prepare for professional practice.

Upon completion of the degree, I3D students will be well prepared to pursue professional production and exhibition of their own art or more in-depth study at the graduate level.

Required Courses
General Education courses 1 - (41 credit hours)
University elective - (1 credit hour)
Major requirements (listed below) - (78 credit hours)
Total Credit Hours  120

1 The General Education program contains a set of requirements each student must fulfill. The number of credit hours necessary to fulfill these requirements may vary.

Recommended Schedule for Majors

First year (30 credits)

ART 102. Two-Dimensional Design (3)

ART 104. Drawing I (3)

ART 106. Three-Dimensional Design (3)

ART 108. Drawing II (3)

ART 205. Foundations Seminar (3)

Cluster One: Skills for the 21st Century (9-12)

General Education courses (3-6)


Second year (30 credits)

ART 495 Capstone Seminar: 3D Art, offered every spring (3)

ART 497 Capstone Studio: 3D Art, offered fall and spring (3-6)

Art history elective, 300-400 level (3)

Studio concentration (3-6)

Art and art-related electives (0-6)

General Education courses (12)


Third year (30 credits)

Art history elective, 300-400 level (3)

Required 200- and/or 300-level 3D studio art courses (12)

ART 305. Seminar in Aesthetics (3)

General Education courses (12)


Fourth year (30 credits)

GARTH 205. Survey of World Art I: Prehistoric to Renaissance (3)

GARTH 206. Survey II: Renaissance to Modern (3)

Required 200- and/or 300-level 3D studio art courses (12)

Required 2D studio art electives (6)

General Education courses (6)

Integrated 3D Faculty

Sukjin Choi

Ceramics Head, Professor of Art


R. Mertens

Fibers Head, Associate Professor


Mark Rooker

Metals & Jewelry Head, Professor of Art


Greg Stewart

Art Area Coordinator, Sculpture Head, Professor of Art

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