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I have the distinct honor of presenting the All Together One Award to Rosamond Ann Myers, known as "Ann". She has been the Department Head for Social Work for more than 20 years, and has served in a multitude of roles
since she came to James Madison University 40 years ago. 

Ann has truly come to be known as a "pillar" at JMU. She graduated from Madison College. Her colleagues have volunteered their thoughts about her.

Here are some of their comments and quotes paraphrased:

  • Her leadership skills and work ethic are second to none...
  • She is a quiet advocate for students who show promise, but may hit bumps in the road of their education...
  • As Ann prepares for retirement, I realize just how much I am going to miss her, mostly because I feel so respected by her...
  • Her contributions to the community reach far and wide...
  • She sees the potential in people even when they may not see it in themselves and encourages them... to exceed... their own expectations
  • She is an inspiring leader...because she has kindness and respectfulness
  • A particular quality that comes to mind is that she cares. She cares about the direction the department goes, she cares about each person, she cares that our program (and JMU) is incompliance with standards... Most importantly she cares about the students.

Ann is planning to retire this summer. According to her nominator, some of her life milestones at JMU include:

  • Being Co-creator of JMU's Center for Service Learning - with vision to connect students with the broader Community, to develop an ethic of care and service.
  • Developer and administrator of the Life Long learning Institute. Provides non- credit leisure learning opportunities for adults without regard to previous
  • education. No tests or grades.
  • Supporter, advisor, and administrator of three interdisciplinary minors (Family Study, Gerontology, Non-profit Studies)
  • Leader of the program assessment process recognized by the National Council on Higher Education Award for Outstanding Institutional Practice in Student

Learning Outcomes. Ann is a recognized teacher and contributor

Ann's actual list of special awards, and activities, etc., seems almost endless:

  • She received the Provost Award for Excellence in Leadership
  • Ann's reputation for excellence and integrity and the gratitude and affection of hundreds , perhaps thousands of lives she has touched, will remain in the hearts
  • of those students and colleagues.
  • She was the first recipient of the Program Director of the Year Award in 2005 by the National Association of Baccalaureate Program Directors, which recognized her remarkable career.

Ann Myers' commitment and passion for JMU and its students is what many strive for but few achieve. She is truly an outstanding symbol of what All Together One
means. We salute you and wish you the best in your retirement. Please come forward to receive your All Together One pin and certificate.

Written by: Chelsea Bruno

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