The Madison Way is something that is very important to the JMU Community. It goes hand-in-hand with our mission statement, which states that JMU is a “community committed to preparing students to be educated and enlightened citizens who lead productive and meaningful lives.” The Madison Way outlines eight characteristics of the JMU Community, including compassion and scholarship. These characteristics as well as the JMU mission statement are extremely true of what Dr. Jeanne Martino-McAllister has exemplified while here at JMU.

Dr. Martino-McAllister is currently a member of the General Education Administrative Staff, specifically the Cluster 5 Coordinator and a Professor in the Department of Health Sciences.  In addition to these roles, she has excelled as the Director of Substance Abuse Prevention Research and Freshman Advising here at JMU. She has served on many other committees and was the Coordinator for the Substance Abuse Intervention minor.  In addition, she has collaborated closely with Academic Affairs to bridge the gap between Student Affairs and Academic Affairs. Each of the roles she chooses to take on, she does with dedication and enthusiasm. Her ability to collaborate with those around her does not go unnoticed.  These“collaborative efforts work toward improving the health and wellness of JMU students.”

As a professor, Dr. Martino-McAllister goes above and beyond. She is said always to have a smile on her face.  She takes the time to get to know her students individually and makes the effort to create a meaningful relationship. When working with students, she works diligently to assure they understand the material she taught in class. These are only a few examples of her exemplary scholarship.  She has a passion to teach and serve the students and colleagues around her.  She does not hesitate to take on extra responsibilities when necessary and give to others far more than she realizes.

One word that is consistently used to describe her is the word “inspiration.” She has been described as a role model and mentor as well as an “influential part of the JMU community”.  Dr. Martino-McAllister has inspired many students to continue in the Health Sciences and Substance Abuse Prevention profession after graduating from JMU.  She has an enthusiasm for the work that she does and for her students, colleagues, and friends.  She has made a profound impact on those around her and has helped them achieve both their academic and personal goals.

One nominator said of her, “When contemplating a difficult encounter, I find myself asking “What would Jeanne do?”  “She cares for students in a way that goes beyond the call of duty.”  And another said,” Ultimately, it is her caring and compassionate interactions with students and passion for learning that sets her apart from others.   Jeanne is truly the embodiment of All Together One.”

It is with great honor that I stand here today and present this All Together One Award to Dr. Jeanne Martino-McAllister who truly inspires students to become educated, enlightened and productive citizens, while serving the JMU community.  

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