According to students and faculty here at JMU, "No one embodies the spirit of compassion, caring, commitment, and service to his fellow man more than Steven Krzanowski. He is an excellent teacher and role model not only for students, but also for those of us who are seeking to better understand those with whom we share this community."

As a member of Omicron Delta Kappa I have the privilege of telling the story of Mr. Steven Krzanowski. Steven has dedicated his time and hard work in countless ways to James Madison University. He consistently and tirelessly goes above and beyond in all that he does and works to benefit not only the university, but also those around him in need.

If you were to ask one of Steven's colleagues, students, or co-workers, the finding is the same. Steven is an inspiration. He always wants to see those around him succeed to their full potential. Whether it be encouraging students to take on leadership roles, co-teaching a leadership class on campus, or leading programs for the Center for Multicultural Student Services. Steven is a true example of what it means to have the "All Together One" spirit.

One of his nominators states, "When Steven spoke during training [for 1787 orientation], he exuded passion which motivated each of us to create the most amazing first year community we could." Steven motivates and inspires those around him to become the best version of themselves. He always works to let everyone know they are appreciated and values working with others.

One main deciding factor of the All Together One award is the nominee's commitment to working together, and their overall ability to build community. Through Steven's work with the Center for Multicultural Student Services, he works to plan and develop D.E.E.P. Impact programs.

The acronym D.E.E.P. stands for the Diversity Excellence Education Program. D.E.E.P. Impact began in the 2014-15 academic year, and works to influence meaningful change across campus through programs such as dialogues, culture series, and outreach. One of his nominators writes, through his work with these programs, Steven reaches across departments and divisions with others from the Office of Disability Service, UREC, Orientation, LGBT & Ally Education Program, CARDS lab, and more. It is apparent that Steven's commitment to collaboration far exceeds the given norm. What may be his biggest strength, though, is Steven Krzanowski's caring attitude.
Steven's caring attitude is what makes his contributions to JMU truly exceptional.

Steven is passionate about inclusivity and social justice. He is an ally for the oppressed and an advocate for those without a voice. Each difference that Steven has made in the James Madison community stems from his caring attitude. One student shares that not only is Steven working to create a more inclusive campus, but he is teaching students to do the same, which is producing a ripple effect. Steven's compassionate nature far exceeds the boundary of the office. When co-workers or students are having troubles in other aspects of their lives, Steven is always there to lend a helping hand, or even just to listen.

This collaborative and supportive approach to every relationship that Steven has with students and faculty around campus is what makes him an extraordinary recipient for the All Together One award.
Steven's compassion in all his relationships with students and faculty, in creating a more diverse & inclusive environment, and in committing himself to teamwork & collaboration, makes him a role model.

Steven Krzanowski is exemplary for all of these qualities and is a true inspiration. His dedication to serving the JMU and surrounding communities is truly commendable. On behalf of the members of Omicron Delta Kappa, and the JMU community, I have the distinct honor to present the 2016 All Together One Award to Mr. Steven Krzanowski.

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