Donald Jones Jr. has made quite an impact on this university for the past 4 year. Donald is a senior health science major who has been involved in many different areas of JMU. Donald is someone who can light up a room by just walking into it. His enthusiasm for life shines greatly around this campus and will surely be missed after he graduates in May.

Donald has made a huge impact at JMU but more specifically in the Center for Multicultural Student Services. Donald has been a Diversity Educator, working for the Diversity Education Empowerment Program (D.E.E.P.) since his freshman year. It is very easy to see Donald's commitment to diversity and inclusion across our campus.

Donald has an incredible ability to captivate others in conversation and really make people thinking and reflect. Donald's humor and warmth make others feel special and important.

Above all else Donald strongly prioritizes his academics while also being involved in intramurals, CMSS, and other organizations. Donald is a very holistic leader who inspires others in everything he does. Donald has made his mark on Madison by truly living out the James Madison University mission of "Being the Change."

Not only has he become an outstanding member of our community he has made others feel genuinely at home too. Though Donald is not one to require recognition for the amazing work he has done on this campus he absolutely deservers the All Together One Award. Donald may be graduating in May but the atmosphere he has created in CMSS and on the JMU campus will truly last forever.

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