"The one and only thing that stands out related to the fire is that JMU is truly a community of all together one. Yes we all lost things, but gained so much more in the knowledge that all of the JMU community joined together to help one another. The day after the fire, teams from all over campus were working to see to our every need. Some departments sent snacks, provided space, offered their help in recovering files, went into the building to retrieve files, telephone service, all through the process there were helping hands. From Mr. King and his assistant vice presidents, who guided us through the process, each finance and procurement staff member who focused on the needs of the campus while dealing with their own loss, the folks in the Office of Facilities Management who went way above the call of duty in recovering items from the fire and helping us get settled in our new locations, telecom who got the phone service restored in our new locations, IT staff members who got us up and running, and the parking, postal services and risk management departments; the list is endless. JMU is truly a community of all together one."

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