“I bleed Purple!,”  You can find this classic saying all around campus from posters to t-shirts, but what does it truly mean?  I’m sure, everyone has a different way of defining the phrase, but I think that the perfect way to explain its meaning is through introducing you to an extraordinary man, Tim Howley.  Tim is said to bleed purple on a daily basis.  He got his undergraduate degree at James Madison University, graduating in the spring of 2004.  Tim then continued his graduate education here at JMU the following year.  It is obvious that Tim can’t get enough of JMU because he is now a member of the wonderful faculty.  According to Katie Hardcastle, a REACH peer educator and friend of Tim, “Tim is one of those faculty members that makes JMU the friendly and hospitable place that attracts students to the campus.”

Currently, Tim is the Coordinator of Peer Programs.  He works closely with REACH (Reality Educators Advocating Campus Heath), a program that is involved with raising awareness and educating over 6,000 students a year on various health issues.  Tim is known for educating students through programs such as the “Duke is Right” during freshman orientation.  Many students and faculty may recognize him from his popular role as the famous Bob Barker.  Tim is notorious for putting his heart and soul into everything he is involved in.  He always brings an exciting dynamic to his work, “with his witty humor and his constant positive attitude, the peers really relate to Tim and respect him fully.”  “It is not uncommon to see Tim as the first one in the office and the last one to leave.  His dedication to REACH is evident by the quality student time and energy he puts into the group.” 

Along with his many accomplishments with REACH, Tim is also a major player in the coordination of the University Health Centers’ HIV clinic, which provides JMU students and faculty members with the opportunity to receive free and anonymous HIV testing.

Tim not only bleeds purple for JMU, but he also has an incredible passion to bridge the gap between the university and the Harrisonburg community.  Many of the REACH programs have been modified to focus on and get in touch with a great number of middle school and high school students in the area.  Recently, a group of educators were sent to Elkton Middle School to present a tough and extremely sensitive topic on body image to a group of 8th graders.  “Tim is a wonderful advocate for health issues.”  Health and wellness is a goal in his life and he strives to find ways to improve the health of others, whether it is JMU faculty, students, or even residents of Harrisonburg.

Now that you know a little bit about Tim’s accomplishments and involvement at JMU, I would like to finish with an excerpt from one of his nominators, Allison Knighton.  Her excerpt is a more personal statement that shows how incredible Tim truly is.  “On any given day, Tim Howley can be spotted sporting his purple and gold proudly.  Tim is an amazing advisor and insightful mentor with a genuine roll of laughter and ability to make each day unique and positive.  Driven by the color purple, Tim’s passion for JMU is extraordinary and we should take the time to recognize his devotion to being the change that he wishes to see at JMU.” 

It gives me great pleasure to recognize Tim Howley and present him with this years All Together One award.  Congratulations Tim!

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