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This All Together One recipient can be described by peers as “a trusted friend, colleague, and all-around Rockstar of a human.” She’s a Double Duke, and boasts Bachelors in Communications Studies and Media Arts & Design, as well as a Masters of Education in College Student Personnel Administration. During her undergraduate and graduate career, she was extremely involved in several aspects of JMU’s culture. She worked as an Orientation Program Assistant, Student Orientation Coordinator, Make your Mark on Madison Leadership Counselor, a Graduate Teaching Assistant, and Student Director of her senior classes annual giving challenge. Like many Double Dukes she found her way back to JMU, starting as a Coordinator of Marketing & Development, then moved into her current role as the Associate Director for UREC Services in 2016. “Her spunk, positive attitude, and genuine interest in others”, truly exemplify the spirit of All Together One.

As the Associate Director for UREC Services, she embodies the spirit of All Together One “through her caring attitude, dedication to learning, and commitment to working together”. She has served on several committees and task forces on campus, including the Compensation Task Force, Advisory Council, Co-chair for the Employee Advisory Committee, Student Affairs Engagement Team, and the Task Force for Inclusion. She has also mentored several students through UREC’s Mentorship Through Exercise program, graduate practicums and internships. Her “contagious positivity” and ability to instantly connect with people from all walks of life, has helped to shape memorable experiences at JMU for all of those who have had the privilege of interacting with her.

She has also spearheaded several programs that benefit students on and off of JMU’s campus. Due to her efforts starting in August of 2019 when Jennings Hall, the new student residence hall opens, there will be a learning community for Sports and Management. She mobilized efforts with the UREC 96ers and alumni to raise $50,000 for a UREC Student Employee Scholarship. Even with those amazing contributions to the JMU community, she did not stop there. She has furthered her contributions into the Harrisonburg community with the creation of Spark Her Stride, “a program for 8 to 12-year-old girls… to develop their self-confidence and running skills”.

The roles that Kristin serves in the Harrisonburg Community further exemplify the spirit that Kristin brings into every aspect of her life, not just at JMU.  She has served on the Board of Directors for the Harrisonburg-Rockingham County Day Care, and volunteered to Lip-Sync for Any Given Child.   Eric Nickel , Director of University Recreation says, “Kristin brings a positive attitude and commitment to this community that is infectious, and leaves a positive impression on everyone that she meets!

Not only does this All Together One recipient motivate, inspire, and bring positivity into the lives of every person she interacts with, but she has given back to JMU and the Harrisonburg community in so many ways that it would be hard to ignore. Rick Larson AVP of Human Resources says,  “I have found Kristin Gibson to be one of the most altruistic and committed employees on this campus.  She is humble and her approach toward her belief in benefitting the common good, is thoughtful and well informed.  She gives of her time in such a way as to engender trust, and in doing so, she inspires others.” Kristin truly embodies the spirit of All Together One.

Congratulations to Kristin Gibson! Will you please come forward to receive your All Together One pin and certificate!

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