Grants and Contract Financial Services

Donna Crumpton first heard about the fire on the early morning local news. "I was getting ready to come to work when the anchor said a building had burned down at JMU." Her initial thought was that a residence hall had burned down, and she began to think of what she could do to help the students. When the news cut to clips of the fire, she realized that it was her office. Crumpton got dressed and went into work to see what she could do to help.

"My office was a mess. The roof had caved in, and all the plants that I had on my bookcase were all over the place." Missing in the ruins was a painting that Crumpton's great uncle had left her. Crumpton managed to salvage a cross-stitch work of the Madison Seal that had been a gift to her when she started work at JMU.

The grants and contracts office was relocated to the Patterson Street Modular Building. Crumpton is grateful for everyone's willingness to help in their time of need. "If we needed copies of things, the departments sent them over," she says. "Sponsored programs was even nice enough to 'loan' us a student to help us copy our molded and mildew files; and for that I say 'Thanks.'"

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