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If you believe there are extenuating circumstances associated with your first academic suspension, you may appeal for continued enrollment.  Submit a written appeal documenting the reason for your academic deficiency to the assistant/associate dean of your major college, or if you are undeclared, to the Assistant Vice Provost of University Studies.

There is no appeal following a second suspension.

Submitting a Written Request to Continue:

  • Letters should be typed (i.e. not hand written) and include your name, student ID number, e-mail address, and mailing address.  Example formats for, and content guidance concerning, continued enrollment appeal letters may found HERE.
  • If you do not attend summer session, your appeal letter is due by Friday, May 31, 2019.
  • Appeals from students who do attend summer session should be sent as soon as you complete summer classes and must be received no later than Friday, August 2, 2019.

Submission Instructions

  • Letters from CAL, CHBS, CISE, CSM, CVPA, and University Studies students may be mailed, hand delivered, or e-mailed (as an attachment).
  • Letters from COB students must be e-mailed (as an attachment).
  • Letters from ADP students must be mailed or hand delivered AND e-mailed (as an attachment).
  • College contact information may be found HERE

You will receive a written response from your Dean's office concerning your appeal within a few weeks.

If your appeal is granted, you will receive a letter listing continued enrollment conditions you must agree to in order to return for fall.

Carefully review the stated conditions. Failure to fulfill all conditions will result in an additional academic suspension.

If you opt to agree to the conditions and continue enrollment at JMU, submit the signed and dated letter to the specified office by the deadline stated on the letter.

If your request for continued enrollment is rejected, or if you neglect to send an appeal letter by the applicable deadline, you will be ineligible to return to JMU for the fall semester and you will be dropped from all fall classes.

If your GPA reaches Academic Probation or Good Standing during Summer Session, you do not need to submit a letter of appeal in order to return to JMU for the fall semester.

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