ASP - Fall 2023

During the fall 2023 semester, students assigned to complete the Academic Success Program (ASP) are required to attend three (3) ASP appointments, which is a combination of workshops and study halls. Workshop topics are predetermined and listed within the program schedule (which will be posted by DATE TO TBA). Study Halls are scheduled the week prior to their occurrence. In addition, students are required to meet with their assigned Peer Instructor (PI) once every three (3) weeks and visit at least one resource on campus. Students will choose, with the assistance of their PI, which campus resource they’d like to visit. Completion of each of these requirements will determine the student’s overall compliance with the program. Compliance Plans are individualized for each student based on their needs.

Attendance at all ASP meetings, workshops, and study halls outlined within a student’s Compliance Plan is required. We recognize that we are (still) living amidst a pandemic and extenuating circumstances could arise. However, with a personally tailored program intentionally planned to meet each student’s individual needs, attendance is crucial to each student's experience. The program expects ASP students to show up to each of the scheduled requirements outlined within their Compliance Plan.

  • Workshop & Study Hall Schedule Conflicts – Workshop topics and study halls occur multiple times throughout the program, so students will have more than one opportunity to fulfill their requirements. 
  • Meeting Conflicts – Students are required to meet with their assigned Peer Instructor once every three (3) weeks. Meetings can be scheduled through the PI’s Calendly page. Should a student need to reschedule, they can do so through their meeting confirmation email or directly in Calendly. We understand schedule changes happen, so please communicate with your PI often and keep them in the loop on anything that alters your meetings together.

Inclement Weather Contingency:

The Academic Success Program will follow the guidelines and restrictions placed by JMU. The only instance where workshops, study halls, or meetings will not be held is if the university decides to close the campus and cancel classes. The ASP Team will also be monitoring the weather and making decisions on the feasibility of holding in-person appointments. Students can anticipate the following to occur should meeting in person no longer be an option:

  • Workshops – We will host workshops virtually and students will be notified via their email with a Zoom link. The time of the workshop will remain the same, and all registered students will be expected to attend. Workshops originally planned to be held over Zoom will move forward as planned.
  • Study Halls – We will not host study halls virtually. The decision to cancel a study hall will be determined by the Peer Instructor and Program Coordinator, one of whom will notify students via their email to confirm what decision has been made.
  • Meetings with Peer Instructors – Meeting times, dates, and locations are determined by the PI and student. They can maintain their meeting as planned or reschedule. ASP strongly discourages in-person meetings from taking place when inclement weather impacts the safety of all in attendance.
  • Campus Resources – Students should monitor their email for any changes made by the campus resource/office regarding workshop or meeting rescheduling or cancelations. 


Communication regarding ASP will be sent to your student email ( so please ensure it is fully operational and that you are checking it regularly. It serves as the primary form of communication for JMU students and all other departments and offices, so it is important to stay up to date with it. If you are having issues or are unable to access this email account, please inform your Peer Instructor immediately.

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